Joy's Birth Signet Ring

"If you wear this ring, it means you have been chosen to keep the tradition alive - at its proper height - next to the family of Joy's Birth".
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In a collaboration with Ren Jewelry workshop, we proudly present you our "Joy's Birth Signet Ring" !

  • 100% Handcrafted in Silver 925
  • Each ring is made exclusively to order.

 To find your proper size you are always welcome to visit our shop to take your measurements in person or you can follow carefully the steps of Ren's size guide HERE. Otherwise, visit any jewelry store near you and ask for a size measurement cost-free.

IMPORTANT: Try to be sure you that you have measured correctly and ordered the right size. Every ring is 100% handcrafted and needs time and effort to be produced. In case of wrong size there is a resizing fee of 15,00€ (plus shipping costs). There are no stock rings available, every piece is being created from 0 just for you! Keep in mind that each ring usually needs about 5-7 business days for its production.


About Ren Jewelry:

Ren is a jewelry atelier in Athens, Greece. All of their jewelry pieces are handcrafted and made out of 925 silver in their workshop while they use only genuine gemstones and materials. Every piece of jewelry is unique because it's been created separately every time a customer orders.